Property Management

Louis J Glickmanonce said, “The best investment on earth is earth.”

And so we all followed his advice and bought a bunch of properties! Now all we have to do is rent it out and make sure of a stable income from our investments. How?

We, at thelivingpad have a solution. With Property Management – we will be helping you to rent your house and handle the domestic maintenance.

You may ask, “How is it different if thelivingpad helps me?”

Here too, thelivingpad is a team of engineers, architects, marketing & sales personnel, legal advocates and CRMs with over 20 years of experience in construction, development and marketing field. We know the industry like the back of our palms.

An added advantage you ask?

We generate all manpower for legal, marketing, sales, painting, building, renovation - in-house. So, no worries about a third-party contractor handling your home. It will be just between you and us.

Thelivingpad will be helping you rent out your properties, help you generate revenue for a long term, drop in/off checks every month, overlook the house maintenance and of course – have a splendid relationship with owners and tenants.

If you have properties to be managed, get in touch with us at or just fill the form next to this box.


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